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L’Internet des objets

ipso [1] De grandes sociétés comme Cisco, SAP, Sun et plus de 20 autres sociétés joignent leurs forces pour promouvoir IPSO (IP for Smart Objects) [2].

With the goal of promoting the Internet Protocol as the network technology of choice for sensors and actuators, big name companies Cisco, SAP, Sun and some 20-plus others have joined forces to push common ideas.
The IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance declares its ambition to promote IP-based networks to connect sensors, actuators and other intelligent devices both inside and outside of industrial and process automation. The alliance itself defines ‘smart objects’ as ‘objects in the physical world that typically with the help of embedded devices transmit information about their condition or environment to locations where the information can be analyzed, correlated with other data and acted upon.’
Proposed applications range from automated and energy efficient homes and office buildings, factory equipment maintenance and asset tracking to hospital patient monitoring and safety and compliance assurance. The sort of properties which could be transmitted include temperature, light, motion, health status it says…

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