Projets IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE 802 LMSC LAN MAN Standard Committee
IEEE 802.1 HILI Higher Level Interface/Link Security
IEEE 802.1X   Sécurisation d’accès à un réseau local
IEEE 802.2 LLC Logical Link Control – Distinction entre couche liaison et couche média dans une optique OSI
IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (ETHERNET)
IEEE 802.4 TBUS Token Bus
IEEE 802.5 TRING Token Ring
IEEE 802.6 DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus
IEEE 802.7 BBTAG Broadband Technical Advisory Group
IEEE 802.8 FOTAG Fiber Optic Technical Advisory Group
IEEE 802.9 ISLAN Integrated Services LAN
IEEE 802.10 SILS Standard for Interoperable LAN Security
IEEE 802.11 WLAN Réseau local sans-fil (Wi-Fi)
IEEE 802.12 DPAP Demand Priority Access Protocol
IEEE 802.14 CATV LANs in Cable Television Networks
IEEE 802.15 WPAN Wireless Personal Area Networks – Bluetooth
IEEE 802.16 BWA Broadband Wireless Access – Wimax
IEEE 802.17 RPR Resilient Packet Ring
IEEE 802.18 RRTAG Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
IEEE 802.19 CTAG Coexistence Technical Advisory Group
IEEE 802.20 MBWA Mobile Broadband Wireless Access
IEEE 802.21 MIH Media Independent Handoff
IEEE 802.22 WRANs Wireless Regional Area Networks