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Condition Monitoring with Fieldbus & OPC

fieldbusM&M Software propose un serveur OPC (fdtContainer) pour permettre l’accès des équipements dans un environnement Fieldbus hétérogène via un moyen communément utilisé : OPC – dans les supervisions de process (outils de type SCADA).

M&M Software offers a new tool that enables the access to device parameters even in heterogeneous Fieldbus environments, the fdtCONTAINER OPC Server. The new product is specially designed for the connection of Condition Monitoring and Asset Management applications.

The proven fdtCONTAINER component has been integrated into an OPC-Server and allows the use of DTMS within this OPC Server. The DTMs are loaded into the OPC-Server and enable the communication and the exchange of data with the devices. The OPC Server transfers the identified data into the respective OPC-Namespace. This namespace is generated automatically from the existing network topology.

opcIn this way, any OPC-capable clients can access the provided data via standard OPC-Interfaces. The fdtCONTAINER OPC Server provides to the user a holistic solution for the configuration of the network, the device parameterization and the linking of data. The solution is independent from the applied devices, the network structure and the applied protocols.

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