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Articles avec le tag ‘rail’

Le boitier IP-Watcher vous alerte des pertes d’équipements IP de votre réseau industrielIl existe bien des variantes logicielles à cet outil, mais c’est la première fois que j’en trouve un sous forme physique.

En fait, ce boitier surveille une série d’équipements en faisant des ping réguliers. En cas de perte de réponse, une alarme est générée par : contact sec, trap SNMP, email, syslog, message TCP ou UDP  ou envoi FTP.

Administrable via le web et au format industriel donc rail DIN avec 2 entrées TOR et 2 sorties TOR.

Une alternative pour une surveillance “bon marché” d’un site distant ?

The new "IP Watcher" from Wiesemann & Theis GmbH provides continuous monitoring of network components and sends an alarm as soon as devices are no longer responding.

Network stations are cyclically "pinged" by their IP addresses stored in the IP Watcher. If there is no reply to a request, an alarm is triggered. This takes place either by switching actuators or sending a message over the network (e-mail, SNMP trap, Syslog message, FTP upload, TCP or UDP client message).

The device is housed in a compact DIN rail mount enclosure containing a Web server and space for two digital inputs and two digital outputs.If the IP Watcher is incorporated into a network, Web pages provided by the internal Web server are used to carry out the device and alarm configuration. The device can be fully operated from any desired browser without installing additional plug-ins.

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Passerelle Modbus série/Ethernet chez B&B ElectronicsB&B Electronics sort une passerelle Modbus série/Ethernet permettant une intégration des anciens équipements séries Modbus avec les versions Ethernet qui utilisent le protocole Modbus-TCP et facilitant donc les étapes de migration.

Des versions cuivres et fibres optiques sont disponibles en boitier industriel (rail-din et alimentation en 12, 24, 48V).

Do you need a quick and easy solution to integrate older Modbus serial equipment with your Modbus/TCP network?

B&B Electronics announces their new Vlinx™ Industrial Modbus Ethernet-to-Serial Gateways. MESR series gateways are a costeffective way to connect serial Modbus ASCII/RTU devices with Modbus/TCP Ethernet as well as solve many other real-world Modbus problems such as converting ASCII to RTU, remapping conflicting Modbus ID’s or connecting two Modbus devices hardwired with different baud rates. With zero-tolerance for unexpected downtime on today’s factory floor, these Modbus gateways, designed and built by B&B Electronics, offer peace-of-mind for plant operation managers around the world.

Vlinx Modbus Gateways boast an extensive line-up of Ethernet port configurations – from standard RJ-45 copper to almost any fiber optic option. Versions are available with an additional Ethernet port that functions much like an Ethernet switch, allowing pass-through connectivity for other Ethernet devices. The port can also be used to “daisy chain” multiple gateways.

Serial ports can be accessed over a LAN/WAN using Direct IP Mode connections. Serial data rates up to 230 kbps ensure maximum network flexibility. Easy to use software supports Modbus messaging priority control and management via multiple TCP/IP client sessions. Rugged MESR gateways feature a slim IP30 DIN mount case, pluggable terminal blocks, and 10-58 VDC operation.

For more information about B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. Inc., visit B&B Electronics’ website at http://www.bb-europe.com or phone + 353-91-792444. Designing and manufacturing rugged and reliable products for over 27 years, B&B Electronics provides total solutions for industrial automation and device networking.

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